Our Statement of Beliefs

Our Statement of Beliefs unites and guides our members, chapters, and coalitions as they select local issues on which to focus their organizing. These principles include:

  • High Expectations, High Supports to ensure that students are held to a set of clear, challenging standards and have the necessary support to be college ready when they graduate.
  • Excellent Teachers in a system that attracts, supports, rewards, and keeps the best teachers through better preparation, better pay, and continuing professional development.
  • Serving Every Child to close the academic achievement gap between students of color and their white peers by making funding equitable and ensuring equal access to great teachers, positive school culture, technology, high quality pre-school, and a culturally relevant curriculum that reaches and empowers all students.
  • Justice in Schools to create a positive school climate that disrupts the school-to-prison pipeline threatening students of color and sets up all students for success by reducing suspensions and expulsions and replacing zero tolerance policies with positive discipline alternatives that are fair to all students.
  • Quality Choices of schools that offer strong systems of accountability and proven results for all students. 

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