Our Members



SFER Minnesota supports members at chapters across Minnesota. Over two-thirds of our members are people of color, over 80% are from low-income and working-class households, and one-third of our student members are the first in their family to go to college.

SFER engages students and families through outreach and canvassing at public events, community centers, and other venues. Students and families choose to sign up with SFER based on their agreement with our Statement of Beliefs and their interest in seeing change in our education system.

From the initial conversation, we continually engage individuals around their personal experience with the education system. From there, we can connect them with resources to both help them navigate the school system and learn about how their experiences are connected to larger systemic inequities. Over time they become active members through participation in trainings, summits, and issue campaigns.

Membership is critical our organizing model to demonstrate local community demand and to building a pipeline of diverse education reform leaders.