Education Priorities
of Minneapolis & Saint Paul Residents

Parent and student voices are extremely underrepresented in discussions about school improvement. To change that, SFER MN conducted a door-to-door survey in Minneapolis and Saint Paul neighborhoods with under-resourced schools that offer low chances of academic success. We asked residents to weigh in on a few key issues we've repeatedly heard parents and students identify as major concerns: inequitable distribution of funding, special education services, communication with families, and discriminatory disciplinary procedures. We also asked residents to identify other concerns in an open-ended format. We've compiled their responses and themes in this report. 

Students and families most negatively affected by educational inequity must be at the table in setting educational policy and their voices must drive efforts to achieve equal and excellent education for all. We're grateful to the families who took time to share their thoughts with us. We look forward to partnering with them in further raising these issues with education leaders and elected officials.