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They care about the education crisis AND support a strong, grassroots student and parent movement. They recognize that the people most affected by our broken system must be leaders in solving it. 



Erin Johnson
Garrett Juhn
Mary Kaczorek
Rachel Koch
Max Korn
Alexa Marchbanks
Matt Menke
Dane Mizutani
Karen Montufar-Federico
Dana Mortenson
Mohamad Muktar
Abderahman Muse
Alex Pederson
Blake Pederson
Cathryn Ryan
Daniel Sellers
Clausell Stokes
Sandy Vargas
Russell Welch
Allison Welch
Ben Whitney
Mary Whitney

SamSam Aden
Brenda Andrewson
Allison Berry
Marissa Cinquanti
Fuad Diriye
Sulekha Diriye
Louis Dunn
Katherine Elchert
Burhan Eluni
Mich Emch
Beth Finch
Tiffini Flynn Forslund
Latasha Gandy
William Graves
Forest Hall
Diane Haslach
Gail Havlicek
Anthony Hernandez
Jake Herr
Amy Hertel Buckley
Cindy Hoffman
Yacoub Ismail