SFER is holding school boards accountable for governance that respects the community and gets results. 

The Issue

Elected school boards create policies that govern nearly every aspect of our children's educational experience. They're responsible for the performance of the school districts they oversee and the educational outcomes of our children. Yet little attention is paid to their operations or performance. 

Our Solution

SFER members attend Minneapolis and Saint Paul school board meetings, evaluating the boards' performance on a range of factors including conduct, community engagement, a focus on students, equity, superintendent oversight, and more. They rate the school board on a variety of measures and take detailed notes in terms of the behaviors and actions they observe. Scompiles these ratings and translates their observations into recommendations for improvement. We share them with the board members and the community. 

Our Impact

1. Improved Board Performance. SFER has already seen improvements to the Minneapolis school board governance that are directly aligned with SFER's BoardWatch recommendations.

2. Board Responsiveness. SFER has met with many of the school board members to discuss improvements and promote greater transparency and effectiveness. (All have been invited to meet with us, but only a few have done so.) Board members are now aware that their actions are being monitored and reported to the public.

3. Greater Parent Understanding of Board Accountability. More students and families are aware of the power and policy implications of school board members