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Students and parents share thoughts on police in schools at an SFER MN community workshop Read the Star Tribune story

Due process for teachers? What about due process for parents? asks SFER MN's Khulia Pringle in a Pioneer Press op ed

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"All kids are my kids," SFER MN organizer Mustafa Diriye helps families advocate for their rights Read the interview

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See coverage of our January forum on this critical issue.

See coverage of our January forum on this critical issue.

What is Students for Education Reform MN all about?

Telling Our Stories

We're not statistics. We’re students eager to learn and parents working hard to get our kids the education they deserve.

Despite growing support for closing the "opportunity gap," listening to students and parents is often an afterthought.

We know best what changes are most urgently needed to make the system fairer and more successful for everyone. 

It starts with telling our stories.

Building Power

It’s undeniable that students and families of color have historically had to fight for equal education every step of the way.

Even in "progressive" Minnesota, students of color and students living in poverty continue to receive less of every measure of educational quality.

It's hard to change the system alone. But when students and families join together we can make educational institutions and policies more responsive to our needs. 

Organizing for Justice

Our members work together to identity local issues of educational injustice. Then we build skills and strategies and launch campaigns to effect change.

We achieve this in so many ways: from legislative advocacy to social media campaigns to direct action. We research, we train, we organize, then we demand concrete changes so our children receive the same great education as other children throughout Minnesota.